2010 03 16 -
2010 03 17

Tuesday -
Live @ Datapop 2010   more »
[US] AUSTIN TX • Bit Shifter joins an international assembly of chipmusic's finest at this year's SXSW Festival, rubbing shoulders with Henry Homesweet, Starscream, Random, Anamanaguchi, Sabrepulse, Nullsleep, 8BK-ok, IAYD, Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours, and more at Datapop 2010, a no-holds-barred two-day blowout at The Highball. Hold on to your hats.
2010 06 24 -
2010 06 26

Thursday -
Live @ OFFF Festival   more »
[FR] PARIS • The OFFF International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture takes place in Paris this year, and boasts a musical artist complement featuring chipmusicians and tinkerers like Meneo, Burnkit2600, Casper Electronics, Nullsleep, Yes, Robot, Bit Shifter and more.
2010 06 28 -
2010 07 16

Monday -
Residency @ Atlantic Center for the Arts   more »
[US] NEW SMYRNA BEACH FL • For three weeks this summer, Bit Shifter is honored to be a "Master Artist in Residence" (well hot damn!) at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, offering a class program focusing on working under creative constraints, and on chipmusic in particular. Application deadline: March 20th.