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Based in New York City, Bit Shifter explores high-impact, low-res music produced using primitive synthesis as a deliberate aesthetic choice. In a bracing distillation of the less-is-more philosophy, Bit Shifter operates with a standard Nintendo Game Boy as a means of exploring the aesthetics of economy, pushing minimal hardware to its maximum.

He is also in it for the laughs.

Co-administrator of the 8bitpeoples collective & label, and co-founder & co-curator of the international Blip Festival event series, Bit Shifter has released music on Hymen, Astralwerks, Mirex, 555 Recordings, Ship To Shore PhonoCo., and Ketacore, and has been fortunate enough to perform extensively around the world.
"Science City Zero"
From Maladaptive Strategies Vol. 2, Data Casualty
℗ & © Bit Shifter · Maximum R&D (ASCAP)
"Tea With Galactus"
From Maladaptive Strategies Vol. 2, Data Casualty
℗ & © Bit Shifter · Maximum R&D (ASCAP)
"The Butterfly"
From Closed System Blues, Data Casualty
℗ & © Bit Shifter · Maximum R&D (ASCAP)
"Strange Comfort"
From Bit.Trip Flux Original Soundtrack, Gaijin Games
℗ & © Bit Shifter · Maximum R&D (ASCAP)
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cover art for the James Kochalka Superstar Sweet Beats 3-track single

New team-up just dropped! I got to join forces with indie comics legend & all-around rock star James Kochalka Superstar to create the chiptune singalong anthem “Sweet Motherfucker” — out now as track 2 on his brand new single Sweet Beats (flanked by two James Kochalka Superstar collaborations with Moby!)

Been a fan of James' comics for decades, in particular his Sketchbook Diaries (later collected and expanded under the title American Elf). Our paths finally converged recently, and the end result is “Sweet Motherfucker” — a fun, tuneful, cheeky track, and I challenge you to find a better (or catchier) blend of the wholesome and the profane.

① Sweet Beats (Moby Remix - Edit)
Sweet Motherfucker (feat. Bit Shifter)
③ Sweet Beats (Moby Remix)

Here's where to hear it!



Announcing MALADAPTIVE STRATEGIES VOL. 2 — the long awaited 2nd entry in a multi-volume retrospective release series, collecting all of the Bit Shifter project’s non-album tracks — songs from far-flung compilations, songs informally made available on a homepage, and a few that never got released at all.

Taken as a whole, the series includes dozens of tracks, spanning 22 years. The Bandcamp editions also include additional bonus tracks, videos, and extensive liner notes.

Vol. 2 presents tracks made between 2003 and 2007; two have been newly re-recorded, four newly mixed, and the whole release mastered by Trey Frye & given incredible artwork by Andi Soto.

This volume focuses on material made using the nanoloop Game Boy musicmaking software, and showcases the very distinctive creative directions and timbral character that it facilitates. This volume includes some of my favorite material out of everything I've made, like the insistent "Science City Zero", the alien drum & bass of "Transmode Virus," the coldly indifferent dancefloor banger "Flight Risk," and of course a couple of pop covers thrown in for good measure.

Additional volumes on the way, so stay tuned. Thanks for listening.

Remastered by Trey Frye
Artwork by Andi Soto

Available for download or streaming at the Bit Shifter Bandcamp page; soon available on all download & streaming services.




Product photo of the 2nd pressing of the Information Chase EP, showing the outer sleeve, as well as the record itself, pressed on blue/green swirl vinyl.

Thrilled to say the 2nd vinyl pressing of my EP Information Chase is now available, thanks to the lovely folks at Ship To Shore PhonoCo. Limited edition, get 'em while they last!

Originally released back in 2006 on 8bitpeoples as a handful of low bitrate mp3s, this li'l EP has had a bit of a glow-up since then; now available on high-quality 12" vinyl housed in ingenious die-cut packaging. The album sleeves and center labels also include extra artwork by pixelsmith Drew Wise. And this time around, the EP gets a lovely blue/green swirl vinyl treatment.

And like the last pressing, purchases of this vinyl edition will get you a digital download of the full album, plus three bonus tracks — an early alternate version of "Hexadecimal Genome," a guitar & drum machine cassette four-track sketch that years later became “Chase Init_” and “Activation Theme”, as well a third bonus track exclusive to vinyl buyers — an alternate, "low gravity" version of the song "Reformat The Planet" that some might recognize from live performances, finally given a proper studio recording, and mastered by Chris Burke (who many will know from his projects like glomag, Glorified Magnified, the Mandible Judy podcast, and others).

So head to either of these links to pick up a copy for yourself, for a friend, or both:
Ship To Shore PhonoCo.
Bit Shifter Bandcamp page

It's a trip to think that this little EP that I concocted back in the early '00s during work commutes & the occasional park bench, staring intently into the screen of a hefty Game Boy to the occasional amusement of bystanders, still gets heard today. It means a lot to me, and I want to thank everyone who's ever supported this album, or this musical project, in any way over the years.🙏🙏🙏💙💙💙



New items — high-quality 3" embroidered patches and 1" matte-finish pins featuring a handsome skull & ring emblem, perfect for your bag, hat, or chiptune battle jacket. New shirts with the same imagery, printed large on black Tultex tees, available in cuts the manufacturer refers to as "unisex" (Tultex 202) and "ladies" (Tultex 213). A grim and futuristic look, custom-tailored for our grim future.

Available for mailorder via my Bandcamp page.
Selected Discography
Bit Shifter: Maladaptive Strategies Vol. 2
2024 02 09 · x_x005 • Data Casualty · digital
Bit Shifter: Maladaptive Strategies Vol. 1
2019 12 20 · x_x004 • Data Casualty · digital
Bit Shifter: Closed System Blues
2018 09 10 · x_x003 • Data Casualty · digital & CD
2019 06 24 · DATA0084 • Data Airlines · cassette
Bit Shifter: Information Chase EP
2006 02 27 · 8BP059 • 8bitpeoples
2013 06 18 · x_x002 / 8BP059 • Data Casualty / 8bitpeoples
2021 07    · STS-108 • Ship To Shore PhonoCo.
Bit Shifter: Life's A Bit Shifter
2003 11 24 · 555CD66 • 555 Recordings · CD
2013 12 19 · x_x001 • Data Casualty · digital
2013 12 19 · HORN-010 • Hornbuckle Records · cassette